What Is FST?

FST stands for Frederick Stretch Therapy (formerly Fascial Stretch Therapy). It is primarily a table based, clothes on, assisted stretching practice that uses assessments and an “in the moment” approach as opposed to a set routine/sequence. It is intended to be gentle, pain free, with large and long lasting gains. FST compliments any work you are already doing in personal training, self-stretching, mobility work, weight/resistance training, movement training, dance, massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic work, acupuncture, yoga or sport.

We focus on working with the interconnected tissues of fascia and understand how the nervous system plays a role in holding and releasing tension and tightness. To read more about what fascia is please visit HopkinsMedicine.org. You can also watch “Does Fascia Stretch?” on youtube from one of our favorite anatomists.

Clients remark that they feel looser, relaxed, an increase ease in movement, reduced pain and an improved sense of well being and even mood after FST assisted stretching.

“It’s very relaxing. Most types of stretches are very conventional… you have to hold (the stretch) for long periods of time. This is much lighter, plus it’s assisted so you’re active in contracting muscles. However, Jeff is very good at getting the right angles to get the most out of the stretch.”

Angelo D.

“I suffer from a lot of tightness in my side back and hips. Fascial Stretch Therapy helps move the body around and open up your range of motion. It’s really gentle and really relaxing.”

Austin L.

“After the session was complete, Jeff showed me some photos on how I looked before the session and how I looked after. The changes were pretty dramatic and I’d say it’s pretty good for the body.”

Drew R.

“It’s been a really great way of gently stretching and rehabbing the different injury areas that I have in my body. I think what is special about working with Jeff and doing this is that it is somewhere between a mix of body work, strength, and flexibility training.”

Stephanie G.