How To Start

Complimentary Intro Call

We’ll start with a complimentary intro call where we’ll go over why you’re seeking assisted stretching, learn more about you, share our approach, initial thoughts on a plan, availability, fees and answer all your questions.


80 Min. Full Body Assisted Stretch

50 Min. Focused Assisted Stretch

20 Min. Targeted Assisted Stretch

25-50 Min. Self-Stretch Coaching

Things To Know Before Your Stretch

Assisted stretching is performed on a soft plush table, while clothed.  You will be lying on your back or on your side during the stretches with head or leg support as needed. There are a few prone, standing and seated stretches performed when needed. Assisted stretching services are individualized and may include before and after assessments and self-stretch coaching within your session time on a as needed basis.

For best results, please:
• wear comfortable clothing that allows for unrestricted movement
• remove all jewelry, watches and items in your pockets
• shower or dry off and wear fresh clean dry clothing if arriving after a workout
• arrive adequately hydrated and use the restroom prior to your stretch

We provide assisted stretching at FIT 600 Fremont Ave., Los Altos, CA 94024